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  • 1/10/21: Back With a Bang – Nearly 70 new titles in stock now

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    2020 is over and here we are back online at a new HQ. There’s a boatload of new arrivals in this update including some long-delayed packages with more coming soon.

    The first issue of “Walls of Confinement” will be included with every order while supplies last. WoC is a new zine out of Toronto that, at least for this issue, covers a range of year-end lists from contributors across noise and other harsh realms, including yours truly.

    A new Primitive Isolation Tactics tape “Deconstructing a Purpose” is out now on White Centipede Noise. Recorded spring/summer 2019. Sits chronologically between the 2019 tape on Oxen (“We Are Flaming and on Fire”) and last year’s tape on Absurd Exposition (“Dirty Prophecies”). I’ve got plenty of copies on hand and it’s also available through WCN and the usual fine stockists. Thanks to Oskar for getting this out there alongside several new releases of the high calibre the Centipede is known for. Label description: A minimal mixture of throbbing electronics, jarring feedback and field recordings synthesize a poison cocktail of urban malaise and apocalyptic realism. / Chrome tapes dubbed in real time with 2 color riso printed j-card.

    Alien8 Recordings
    MASONNA – Frequency LSD CD

    HAARE – New Age of Death CD
    LINEKRAFT – Apocalypse Factory CD

    Buried In Slag And Debris
    ATO VARI – Chimaera CS
    DANG. – Border Districts CS
    GRISHA SHAKHNES – Which Way Is The Sea CS

    Dada Drumming
    A.x.D.x.F.x.O.x.A – Soddy is King CS
    AFATEF – Unscrewed / Screwedup CS
    BLACK LEATHER JESUS – What is Not Yours is Not Yours CS
    MO*TE – An Idle Complaint (Remixes & Live) CD
    SCATHING – Ruined Landscapes CS

    Dead Mind
    MYSOGYNY – Skrag CS

    Fourth Dimension
    BC – The Day and the Night of the Body CD
    KLEISTWAHR – This World Is Not My Home / Over Your Heads Forever 2LP
    THEME – Sacral Blood Warning CD

    Influencing Machine
    HAARE – Tantric Noise LP

    Joy De Vivre
    ANIELLO – Torino la prima volta CS
    CULVER – Corsen CS

    HIMUKALT – Septic LP

    K2 – Tekhnodrug CD
    MANUEL PEREIRA – “Slice…” Zine
    METADEVICE – Aesthetics of Disappearance CS
    NICOLA VINCIGUERRA – “Luxus” Art Book
    NUCLEAR POST MORTEM / AMUSIA – Egocentric Neurosis: Modern Disorder / Superfunsummerfestival (In Eastern Europe) 7”

    Nil By Mouth
    CIRCLE OF SHIT – Cancer of Misantropic CS
    HEYDRICH – ASP Disorder CS
    NORTH CENTRAL – Eastern Lombardy Scum CS
    SWOLLEN ORGANS – Forced Affection CS

    Public Bath Press
    KATO DAVID HOPKINS – “Rumors of Noizu: Hijokaidan and the Road to 2nd Damascus” Book

    ANENZEPHALIA – Instrumentalities (Singles Collection 1991-2008) CD
    CON-DOM – How Welcome Is Death To I Who Have Nothing More To Do But Die 2LP Box
    CON-DOM – How Welcome Is Death To I Who Have Nothing More To Do But Die CD
    DØDSMASKIN – Verdenssmerte LP
    GENOCIDE ORGAN – Civilization 2CD Box
    GENOCIDE ORGAN – In-Konflikt CD
    GENOCIDE ORGAN – In-Konflikt LP
    GENOCIDE ORGAN – Leichenlinie 1989/2009 CD
    GENOCIDE ORGAN – Live In Japan 2003/2007 DVD+CD
    GENOCIDE ORGAN – Mind Control CD
    GENOCIDE ORGAN – Obituary of the Americas CD
    GENOCIDE ORGAN – Remember 2CD
    GENOCIDE ORGAN – The Truth Will Make You Free CD
    GENOCIDE ORGAN – The Truth Will Make You Free LP
    GENOCIDE ORGAN – Under-Kontrakt CD
    PRURIENT – Casablanca Flamethower 2LP
    PRURIENT – Casablanca Flamethrower CD
    PRURIENT – Despiritualized 10”
    THE GREY WOLVES – Exit Strategy CD
    THE GREY WOLVES – Terror Storm Disease LP
    VARIOUS – God Blast America! DVD

    Total Black
    ANGELO HARMSWORTH – Fully Automated Luxury Ambient CS
    BREAKING THE WILL – Future Raiding CS
    GOD IS WAR / CRAWL OF TIME – A Time for War CS
    WORTH – Oculus CD

    MASONNA – Freak LP
    MERZBOW – Rainbow Electronics 2LP

    White Centipede Noise
    ALTAR OF FLIES – Work Ethics CD
    JACKSON-PRATT – You Were Sensational CS
    PRESAGE – Hair Diaries CS
    PRIMITIVE ISOLATION TACTICS – Deconstructing a Purpose CS
    SEWER ELECTION+TRERIKSRÖSET – Killing For Germany / Rågsved CD
    URALL – Facing The Ground Instead CS

    Incoming: 4iB, AAD, Adhuman, Cheeses International, Chondritic Sound, Cipher, Evidence Tapes, Foul Prey, Fourth Dimension, Modern Decadence, Noise Receptor, Total Black, Troniks, Vanilla