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Forward and direct, Stress Orphan has never been an artist shrouded in ambiguity or mystery. “Rank & Filth” is not a departure from past releases, but rather an escalation of the signature style he’s been forging over the past ten years. Following an introduction featuring Unrest Productions mainstay Am Not, a firm and centered vocal delivery carries the album through tracks of leftist contempt for some of the more reprehensible trash we happen to share the planet with. There are no cryptic lyrics hiding behind modulation effects or excessive amounts of reverb, instead this is as in-your-face as it can get. While many contemporary projects find their audience through recycled tropes or edgy trends, Stress Orphan continues to rely solely on the compositional strengths of his recordings. An undeniable force both in the studio and on stage, this is an American answer to the notion that only Europeans do Power Electronics right. – Matt Boettke (7/13/20)

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