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For the past 25 years Alan Bloor has been honing his craft of harsh noise via the deconstruction of various components of the industrial world. As KNURL, Bloor manages to recreate the sounds of the concrete jungle by making use of an arsenal of sonic weaponry that includes everything from concrete saw blades to iron rods to homemade scrap metal instruments and everyday appliances. The humming and grinding sounds of machinery are primary influences on his work.

“A Turbulent Obsession” brings a car spring, a tried and true favourite “instrument”, back into the fray. Wired with guitar strings and sawed at with a violin bow, a sound is created that is at once searing and routine. It may be piercingly hot, but it’s not to worry – that’s just how this machine likes to run.

2019 marks 25 years of KNURL and Absurd Exposition is happy to celebrate this milestone with a release from an artist that remains dedicated to his industrial interests and the constant refinement of his works.

C40. Edition of 102 pro-dubbed on black tapes with paper labels.
Includes download code. Download includes PDF artwork.


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