INCAPACITANTS / SEWER ELECTION – Mental Derivatives / Shining Obsession LP


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This track by the Incapacitants was originally intended for a compilation on Lasse Marhaug’s Jazzassin label a few years back. For some reason this never appeared and we thankfully got this in our shaky but amused hands. So, what did we get? A weak an’ol’ Japanese couple bursting out with a singalong? HELL NO. This is a trustworthy show-off in approach. The standard trademark frenetic vocals, yes. An intense organic and thick pile of nonsensical bodymassage from start to end, yes. Fuck it, the pure energetic electronic sound of Toshiji Mikawa and Fumio Kosakai remains unrivalled to this day and you can never get enough wiping out your state of being. Dan Johansson, the man behind the moniker Sewer Election has gained quite a lot of attention in the noise community the last years. Perhaps not for reinventing the genre (who’s interested in that anyway?) but fittingly licking the balls of frustration forward into perfection. This particular track shows a continuation of his latter day style = a monotonous noise wall intertwined with serious brainmelting stasis, skipping the intense cut-up style of the early days altogether. As fine as a bottle of Baska Droppar, rippled with metamphetamine from the gutter. Oh, let’s not forget the Usual Unneccesary Information Section: First intended as a split 10″, however we all agreed the extreme nature of these sounds demanded nothing less than a 12″ vinyl on 45 rpm for a maximum quality experience. Color covers, 500 copies pressed. Enjoy!

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