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Himukalt is the project of Ester Kärkkäinen based in Nevada. Although only releasing recorded output since 2016, Himukalt has delivered stringent and artfully-arranged works of industrial noise vitriol on such labels as No Rent, Malignant, and Angst. While creating a sound that often harkens back to the old guard of Broken Flag and Aquilifer Sodality, Kärkkäinen manages to write her own unique story with a modern approach, resulting in an album that leaves the listener in a dizzied, impure state of mind. On Come October, Himukalt further blazes a path of eradication that is as personal as it is caustic. Automated machines rhythmically pound and grind flesh while voices of another spiritual realm invade the mind for a dual attack leading to total submission.

(Text by Luke Tandy/Skeleton Dust Recordings)

This impressive industrial noise album was originally released on cassette in 2018, but quickly sold out and has been in demand since. Now available again as a Digipak ProCD with a fresh master for the format by Grant Richardson (Gnawed), and a new bonus song, “Basic Cunt.”

This CD version also features new, exclusive collage work by the artist.

Edition of 100

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