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“Eric Anders Bensons’ ‘Cow’s Broken English’ replicates the moments where time feels like a monolith; the feeling you get when the sound of the fan next to your bed, the 50hz hum of your buildings faulty electrical system, and a distant train horn screaming through the night coincide in a perfect triad as time unfolds into an architectural space that you can crawl around in. On Cow’s Broken English, Benson treats the progression of time as a physical slab onto which various elements are painted; glimmering synth drones and vast, hazy chords are applied over beds of meticulously reserved noise that is at the same time reminiscent of earth and air.

This is less a collection of songs than a gallery of landscape scenes, depictions of glowing, otherworldly ships that energy — just for a few minutes — from a thick fog hanging over a dark harbor. A careful listener will find that there is a lot to be explored in these murky waters.”

-Will Mullany

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