Damien Records
LIMBS BIN – Astray 3” CD-R
VARIOUS – Damien Records Compilation Volume 1 CS
INCAPACITANTS – El Shanbara Therminosis CD
INCAPACITANTS / SEWER ELECTION – Mental Derivatives / Shining Obsession LP
Self Abuse
MANIA – Hardly Lethal CS
SKIN CRIME – A Legacy of Blood CS
SKIN CRIME – Lot No. 249 CS
WORTH – Hidden In Christ CS
Trust Collective
VARIOUS – Neither This One, Or The Next CS
Incoming titles from Amphetamine Sulphate, Aught/Void, Bacteria Field, Cloister, Fantastique / Torn Light, Fourth Dimension, Modern Decadence, No Rent, Tesco, Unrest