• UK, Europe, Russia, Asia and Australia.

I’m happy to be able to share these rates for people overseas.

up to 150g (2 CS or 1 CD): $5.00
150g-200g (3 CS): $6.00
200-250g (4 CS or 2 CD): $7.00
250-350g (5 CS or 3 CD): $8.00
350g-450g (4 CD): $9.00
450g-500g (1 LP): $11.00
500g-750g (2 LP): $13.00
750g-1kg (3 LP): $17.00
1kg-1.25kg (4 LP): $21.00
1.25kg-1.5kg (5 LP): $25.00

For larger orders, or if you are unsure, you can choose the Custom Order option and I’ll manually calculate shipping and send you an invoice.

Tracking can be added to all orders for $2-$4 depending on order size.

  • United States

Media Mail rates are now available at checkout.

up to 450g (up to 5 CS or 4 CDs – Media Mail): $5.00
450g-950g (up to 2 LPs – Media Mail): $6.00
950g-1.5kg (up to 5 LPs – Media Mail): $7.00

For larger orders there is a $10 option, of which any difference will be refunded or charged before shipping.

The next batch of Absurd Exposition titles will be released soon.

Thank you and enjoy.